Team Green is fast out the blocks this year with pricing, and has just announced the costs for its new 2018 bikes. The super-trick SE version of the ZX-10R superbike is now up at Fireblade SP levels, just about, and will dent your wallet for a chunky £18,949. Will the flash new solenoid-actuated Showa electric suspension make it worth the cash? We’ll be finding out as soon as we can…

The other flagship model, the new H2 SX supercharged sporty tourer is a bit cheaper, starting at a whisker over £15k (£15,099) for the base version, but it bumps up to £18,099 for the SE model, with its cornering lights, colour dash, launch control and quickshifter.

Retro fans will have a cheaper time of it: the new Z900 RS roadster starts at just £9,899, but fancy paint options will add a couple of hundred quid to that. The lovely Cafe edition, with the lush nosecone costs £10,349. The last new 2018 model, the 400 Ninja starts at £5,249 in black, and £150 more for race-rep paintwork.

• The Z900 RS is in the shops next month, the H2 SX and Ninja 400 are available from February 2018 and the ZX-10R SE goes on sale in March.


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