Red Bull Honda’s Leon Camier will try to complete a full race weekend at Donington’s WorldSBK round but could end up in the same situation as Imola with a body that isn’t quite ready to race.

The former BSB champ did two sessions on Friday in Italy but felt he wasn’t in control and decided discretion was the better part of valour.

Camier says he feels ok day-to-day after being run over at Aragon but riding for any length of time has, so far, proved problematic.

“It’s a tricky one because I feel better in normal day to day stuff, but the pain is still there. It’s getting better slowly, which is hard because I expect the recovery to be quicker after experience with other injuries,” said Camier.

“But I’ve been told this can last for months on end, and until I get back on the bike I don’t really know how I’ll be.”

“With other injuries you can push for it and you can force recovery a bit quicker. But with this I’ve had every treatment possible; I was using an indiba machine, magnetic treatment and even having physio. I’ve had everything possible to try and get everything going again but it still needs time.

“I’m going to try and race again and see what happens, but until I get on the bike I don’t really know. In Imola it was four weeks after the crash and I tried riding, but at Donington it will be six weeks which is still so early.

“Committing to the full weekend is harder, especially with Saturday as it’s a full on day. What I’m worried about this weekend is if my body keeps tightening up that I’m going to keep getting worse and worse over the weekend. So we’re going to make a bit of a plan and work out what’s best for the body.”


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